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Author Topic: children, unfavorable on the ground large area laying carpet.
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Post children, unfavorable on the ground large area laying carpet.
on: June 30, 2015, 01:07

Six, safety: safety is one of the key considerations in the design of children’s room. Because children are lively and active, strong curiosity in the stage, accident prone, at design time, everywhere need to be, as in the window located parapet, furniture as far as possible to avoid edges and corners, the circular arc to receive an edge. Materials should also be used in non-toxic safe building materials for good. Furniture, building materials should be selected and durable, bear the destructive power, the use of high rate of.
In seven, exhibition space reservation: preschool children like the wall graffiti, in the area of activities, such as a whiteboard or cork board hanging from the wall, let the children have a place with graffiti, post world. This will not undermine the overall space, but also to stimulate the child’s creativity. Children’s art works or manual work, but also the display boards or in the corner of space and a plate frame set, both to meet the child’s sense of achievement, also reached the taste of show.
Design of children’s room
Understand the characteristics of children’s growth and the layout cement plastering of the living room, and understand some of the factors that affect the design of children’s lives are equally important.
The ground
In the children’s activities, the ground should have the characteristics of anti – wear, durability, etc.. Usually, some of the most practical and more economical choice is painted wooden floor or some other more flexible materials, such as cork, wood, plastics, tarpaulin. Nevertheless, all the ground materials are unable to like a carpet that the injured knee or wrestling and other unforeseen circumstances more protective, want and and with, whichever is long, is in solid wear-resisting, wealthy resilient floor surface spread a carpet.
A solid formula of plaster of paris and flexible floor is suitable for a variety of occasions, and the rich texture of the cork floor easy to produce a warm, comfortable feeling, so it is suitable for children. And cork material is cheap, easy to lay, but the color is a plaster suppliers blackburn little monotonous. But you can put some color to the top of the carpet to be decorated.
Rubber flooring usually slightly inferior to cork, but its practical value, it is also a kind of wear resistant, warm, soft, toughness and easy to clean materials on the ground, smooth the surface but also facilitate the “walking toy” how much cement requirement for 15 mm thick plastering work forward. Has the characteristics of a variety of colors is cannot be compared to other materials, including those for children room ideal, however the bright colors, however, rubber floor laying requires internal spray plaster ireland professional personnel to carry out.
The carpet
Recommended for laying around the bed, under the table and around. So you can avoid on their children, when getting out of bed due to an accidental fall in the depletion of the injury, also can avoid bed things fall off the ground smashes or cracked and fell to the child harm. And children often play, especially for those fond of playing blocks, like the electric car’s children, unfavorable on the ground large area laying carpet.

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